Pampeano Polo Belts Skinny - Colors

$ 95.00

Each impeccably hand-crafted leather belt within these collections require the complete expertise of Pampeano’s artisans, from the hand-selection of the finest buttery leathers to the intricacy of the iconic hand-stitching found on each polo belt. Every piece is unique, embodying stories inspired by the simplicity and wilderness of South America. All the leather goods are handmade by local artisans. The genuine top-grain cow leather is handpicked, and undergoes a traditional vegetable tanning process, which ensures the belt’s supple quality and durability. The vibrant thread is then hand stitched on, which takes several hours, and the finishing touches are applied with the vintage buckle and Pampeano’s stamp of quality. The thread and leather are robust and easy to clean, meaning a belt from Pampeano will last for many years.

The skinny belts are all made to the narrower width of 2.5cm, with lengths of 80cm thru 100cm measured to the middle hole that is fully adjustable. The same premium quality, Argentinian leather which has been hand-selected and vegetable-tanned is used in the narrower belt.

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