Dreamers & Schemers Boot Socks

$ 15.95

D&S socks have a knit black cuff at the top of the sock to keep your socks up and out of sight if your boots happen to slip down in the show ring.  D&S socks have a flat seam on the toe  and breathable cotton that wraps around the tops of your toes to the backs of your heels.  The top of the foot and the leg are made of a durable poly blend that is thicker than a nylon, but not by much. These riding socks are comfortable in any type of boot and the footbed is not thick enough to mess with the fit of your boots.  These soft boot socks come in patterns to suit any imagination! One size fits most.  Wash on cool and hang to dry.

Note: All of these patterns come as "A pair and a spare" giving you an extra free sock to mix and match. This is a limited time promotion from Dreamers & Schemers. The spare is a random matchy matchy. (note: halloween sock (spooky smile) is not a "pair and a spare" sock. 

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