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Tailored Sportsman Ladies ICEFIL® Sunshirt Short Sleeve / COOL Colors

$ 60.00

Because we have so many colors available, we've decided to split ICEFIL® shirts by color range, WARM and COOL. This refers only to the color of the fabric, it has nothing to do with whether the shirt is warm or cool in temperature. For general reference, WARM colors would be yellows, oranges, reds, browns, tans, etc. COOL colors would be greens, blues, black, grays, etc.

Stay cool with ICEFIL®, a multi step skin cooling technology. Cooling is achieved with multiple technologies for thermal radiation reduction and converting sweat to refrigerant. These shirts are moisture absorbing and fast drying, with 2 way air circulation and U.V. protection.

This collection represents all the short sleeve COOL colors in stock at this time. New colors just arrived...check them out!



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